Friday, November 14, 2008

Bad Drivers & Bad Decisions

On my way home last night, I was stopping at a slope behind two cars in front of a red light. Then the light turned green. The car in the very front moved forward and made a left. The car in front of me didn't move. Then it started to literally roll backward. I honked my horn twice before realizing this car was not moving. I quickly tried to shift to reverse, but by the time I did, the car had bumped into the front of mine! I was still trying to recover from the shock as I drove behind the car to pull over to the side of the road. The light blue Ford Focus then quickly switched lanes and took off! I tried to speed to catch up to the car, but it had made several left turns, and I got stuck at a red light. I was sooo pissed.

I was stopping by my friend's house so we checked the front of my car and only found a tiny scratch. I'm so lucky that my car's sturdy! I didn't get the license plate anyways so I guess it all worked out for the better. There really weren't any witnesses so calling the cops to report a hit-and-run that didn't do any real damage would have been silly. I'm still pretty angry that there's people out there that run away from responsibility.

Another thing that's been pissing me off is the passing of Prop 8. Countdown on MSNBC's Keith Olbermann couldn't have articulated my feelings more in this special comment.

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