Monday, November 10, 2008

Barack/Biden & Bowties

I'm officially part of history. I voted for the very first time last week, and all know the results. I'm extremely excited to see what happens next. I do hope there's some really great change on the horizon. What bothers me though is that there's already talk about a huge possibility someone's going to assassinate Obama. The guy just got elected, and there's already negativity?!! Regardless, I think Biden would make a better president than Palin any day. I keep thinking about the prank call those Canadian DJs made to her, and I'm still embarrassed that we entertained the thought of electing her as a potential VP!

One of the many things I do admire about Obama is his style. The guy was on the cover of GQ for a reason. Now I don't want you thinking I voted based on that (I bet there's people who did), but I do think the president of one of the leading countries in the world should look the part.

Speaking of style, I've recently bought a couple of bow ties. I'm still trying to reduce my wardrobe, but I feel an investment in new furnishings/accessories that will make some of my existing shirts/pants look updated is necessary. A bow tie is not just for formal events anymore. I think they're just like regular ties in the sense that they can be paired with a shirt worn with denim. I'm not even sure if I'm catching the trend as it starts or as it's on its way out, but I don't really care. I think they add a quirky elegance to any outfit. What do you think?

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