Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween & Election

I love Halloween. I enjoy horror movies so that should have been a given! And it's not just about the creepy part for me, but I also love that most people find ways to show off their bodies. Last year, I dressed up as a soldier from the movie 300 cause I went to the biggest themed party at a nightclub, and the theme was the movie. I'm guessing everybody that worked at that club had to have a gym membership of some sort cause there were hot bodies everywhere, and most were employees! It was funny cause I had to convince people that I didn't work there...just playing along with the theme.

That club's theme this year was Heroes & Villains. Another one of my favorite things! I had the hardest time finding a costume though because as usual, I procrastinated. I wanted to be Mr. Fantastic (and get a super long stretchy strap-on for laughs), but all the adult costumes were too big and the teen ones too small. I wanted it to be tight, but I couldn't even get the spandex above my chest! I finally gave up and decided on Indiana Jones.

Believe it or not, despite the movie coming out this year, there was not a single Indy Jones besides me in the few parties I've already attended. Score! I went after the Indy look where his shirt is open, exposing my chest and upper abs. Not only did the girls approve, but they loved playing with my whip as well.

And what week wouldn't be complete without me meeting another super hot guy? My friends (neighbor/partner-in-crime Dana and AF Girl) wanted to go to the themed party with me. They also invited Emmy, this sporty blond girl. And Emmy invited Max. And Max is one fine specimen. I still have a hard on thinking about Max. He came to the club in a black speedo and a pink floatie tube (the tire-looking thing kids use in the pool). And he looked amazing.

I don't even really find people with their lips pierced attractive, but Max definitely pulls it off. He's got this really cute face so it counteracts the piercing. And his body was that of a Greek god - his abs, his chest, his ass, his arms, even his back - you name it, he had a great one. And when he said he liked my costume last year when he saw a picture of it, I was ecstatic. He has a girlfriend, but I didn't care. Being the only 2 guys in a group with 7 girls last night, we definitely had our moments. I've asked for hot straight guys' phone numbers so we can "hang out" so many times, I didn't even think twice. Max was definitely a worthy distraction from Gymnast Guy.

And on a side note, I didn't get to bed until 6am this morning so I didn't have time to make my early vote. Don't forget that I'm a procrastinator! I'm very excited that this will be the first time I cast a vote though since it's a very important election. And if it's not obvious - I'm voting for Obama. I don't really want to talk about politics on here, but I do believe he's a better candidate in terms of the issues that's going to affect my life, my family, and the industries that I'm in. I'm off to another party - hope you all have a great weekend!

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