Monday, October 6, 2008

Black Cat & Bad Luck

I'm not really superstitious, but a black cat crossed my path yesterday morning when I was about to head to the gym. I tried not to think about it, but I started worrying about what kind of bad luck I'd be having that day. Maybe I was subconsciously sabotaging myself with negative thoughts, but things started not going my way at the gym.

It's rare that I'm not on a schedule (even on my day off) so I have to plan everything ahead on my Blackberry. I'm usually at the gym exactly an hour and a half. I was working out my back and biceps yesterday, and every time I went to do Machine Pullovers someone was on it! I would leave and do another exercise, but it didn't matter - a different person would be there. I don't really ask people at the gym how many more sets/reps they're doing because I get irritated when people do it to me. I feel like I have to hurry. But I needed to stick to my workout so I waited for this one guy to get off after I've done everything else.

And while I was waiting, I saw Sasha. I tried not to look her way cause I didn't really want to talk to her after last week, but she came over to me anyways. She said hi and didn't even apologize for cancelling on me. I was cordial, but I wasn't going to pretend I'm happy about her constant flakiness. I pretended to go to another machine so she'd leave. She did, and after doing the pullovers, I went home.

As soon as I get home, I hop in the shower quickly cause I was running late. While I'm getting ready I check my phone for any missed text messages. I freak out cause there were a couple, but it seemed like everything from the previous day backward were gone. EVERY SINGLE TEXT. I lost phone numbers from texts I had not saved. So now all the texts with addresses, important info and declarations of love (I get one once in a while) were automatically deleted. My call history was also missing. Shit. My Blackberry Messenger conversations? Also gone.

I didn't have time but at that moment I had to go online and check to see what happened. Apparently, if you fill up your phone without "saving" these messages/conversations, they will ALL automatically be deleted once the phone runs out of space. It makes sense but why wasn't there a warning that I was reaching that point? Or maybe one message can be deleted for every one that I receive? That would make more sense than let's just delete everything we can! To top it all off, my phone was now reacting very slowly. What else can go wrong?

So I'm hurrying out of the house to get to work, and I press disconnect on my ITunes so I can grab my IPod. I guess I didn't wait long enough cause when I pulled my IPod, it went blank. I tried to turn it on, and it wouldn't! Are you fucking kidding me?? I couldn't worry about it then cause I'm already like 20 minutes behind. I now have a retarded phone and a broken IPod. When I get about 15 minutes away from my house, I realized I forgot to bring hair product. I was now stuck with messy hair all day.

Did I let all of this get to me? Absolutely not. I know when it rains, it pours so I was not going to let the downpour continue. I put on a fake smile cause it usually turns into a real one once I realize how much worse things could be. I actually ended up laughing at myself while driving to work. At the next stoplight, I try to reset my IPod, and it works! I do a little happy dance.

My phone was still as slow as molasses so dialing work turns into a 10-minute ordeal. I just turned it off. I wasn't going to go back to my pissed off mood. I get to work 10 minutes late, and when I turn my phone back on, it's finally normal again. Whew! The rest of the day was actually pretty good. I guess the moral of the story is don't let a black cat and a few bad things get you down. Cause if you do, you're only adding fuel to the fire - try to turn things around. It worked for me, and I hope it'll work for you!