Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Formal Events & Flaky Women

So a huge formal event was held at one of the hotels this past Monday night for the nightlife industry. I was supposed to take my neighbor/partner-in-crime (I posted about her birthday a couple of weeks ago), but she canceled on me two days before the event. She said she had to work so I understood. I immediately thought of this other girl I sort of have a thing for. We'll call her Sasha. She's tall, blond, and has nice breasts and a great pair of legs. Sounds pretty good, right? Well she'd be perfect if she wasn't a complete bitch. I think we get along cause I pretty much put her in her place when we're together. I'm usually a nice guy, but Sasha brings out the bad boy in me. I like her because we've acknowledged the fact that we've got great chemistry (despite it being a love/hate relationship) and we're pretty similar. We're both somewhat judgmental and high-maintenance. And we both know how to party. So I picked up the phone Saturday night to ask her to be my date.

I knew she was going to say yes if she was free. It was perfect timing cause she just happened to buy a sexy dress the day before. She said she wanted to wear fuchsia shoes so of course I had to wear something that would match. I'm obviously not wearing a pink tux so it would boil down to the accent pieces.

During the day Monday I went to several tuxedo rental shops, but I was not having any luck. I finally decided on a black tux with a silver vest and tie around 4pm. I called Sasha to not only confirm the time I was picking her up, but also to let her know that I picked black and silver. She told me what I picked out would be fine, but that she probably had to cancel on the dinner before the event because she was waiting for a corporate executive to come to her work, and he's running late. I was a little irritated, but I said it was ok. I tell my co-workers from the nightclub that I was supposed to meet for dinner at 7pm at this new European (French, Spanish, Italian fusion) restaurant that my date and I weren't coming. This was at 5pm. A half-hour later, she texts me that she had to cancel altogether.

I was pissed. But I'm not letting it ruin my night. I looked at it as a test of how many women I really know and if I could persuade one of them to get ready on such short notice. Fortunately, I was able to convince this cute cocktail waitress to come. She had work at 4am Tuesday, but she was going to stay as long as she can. So I called my co-workers again to tell them I'm back on for dinner. I got my hair cut, got ready in record-breaking time (around 10 minutes...I usually take an hour), and was at the restaurant only about half an hour late.

The food was delicious. The eggplant bruschetta, lobster pizza, tuna tartare, roasted chicken, and olive oil pasta definitely filled my belly. And not only was the food great, but it was also free! Including all of our drinks! Our bill for 7 people would have come out to at least $400-500. Knowing people in this town definitely has its perks. So we finished desert and left for the hotel around 9pm.

The event was divided into two parties - one inside the hotel's VIP pool area where they covered one of the 2 pools and turned it into a dancefloor/stage and the other party was in the hotel's nightclub. We stopped by the pool one first. There was a red carpet by the entrance where a few "paparazzi" were on hand. That was my very first time getting my picture taken by more than one camera at a time. It was definitely fun, but a little nerve-wracking. What if I didn't smile enough? What if I my tie was crooked? I just saw the pictures today, and they weren't bad so I'm happy.

I should tell you that we also had complimentary bottle service at both parties all night. So I was definitely drinking. My date left around midnight, but I wasn't going to stop partying! We went to the club afterwards and danced our pants off. One of my co-worker's girlfriends was even grinding on me, and the weird thing was that he didn't seem to mind. Guess we were all drunk and just having a good ol' time. We went to a late night sushi restaurant around 3am, and three of us ordered our own bottle of sake. I didn't get home til almost 6am Tuesday. Oh and did I forget to mention I had a management meeting at 8am? I made it on time wearing pretty much the same outfit from the previous night. I officially partied like a rockstar.

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