Saturday, October 4, 2008

German Guys & Deutschland

At work at the clothing store yesterday my District Sales Manager pointed out a guy she thinks I should recruit. I asked why. The guy was definitely good looking, but my DSM is pretty hard to please so I wanted to know what prompted her to ask me to recruit this particular one. She said that he's been fixing piles of merchandise and touching up mannequins as if he's been a manager in a clothing store before. I agreed that his behavior wasn't of a regular customer's so I proceeded to strike up a conversation. The guy spoke pretty good English, but he was from Germany.

I actually speak some German because I took four years of it in high school. I was saving up money for a trip to Europe at the end of my senior year which would have included a stop in Deutschland (AKA Germany). I have an aunt, an uncle, and two cousins that live in Cologne. I ended up using the money I saved up to move out of my mom's house instead (my stepfather hated me and wanted it to happen so I was just making everyone happy). I've always thought about how different things would have been if I had chosen to go to Germany, and just stayed miserable at home afterwards. I'm not even thirty yet so I guess there's plenty of time to travel the world, especially Germany.

Back to the story at hand. It was actually really nice having a conversation with this German guy. His name was pretty American, Ben. What I like about most European guys is that they don't have this homophobic, overly masculine vibe about them. In fact it's quite the opposite cause some are very fashion forward. Ben worked at a brewery in Munich and has never worked at a clothing store. It was pretty funny trying to explain to him why I thought he had retail experience. Then his girlfriend came up, and that was the end of that conversation.

It would be dumb to assume most German guys are attractive. It would just be a reverse stereotype. But in the past month or so I haven't really met one that's not good-looking. I guess I can Google-Image them to play devil's advocate, but why ruin my current fantasy (the one not involving Gymnast Guy)? Maybe I can look at some gay adult German vids before I begin my withdrawal from pornography tomorrow - ha!


Andi said...

Nice to read you like Germans, though being German and having been to some clubs I can tell you not all of them are attractive. But I guess it is always the same, guys abroad are more attractive than guys from around the corner. lol

Discotheque GQ said...

andi: Nein? I guess the grass isn't always greener on the other side.