Monday, October 13, 2008

Cold & Quarantine

Summer's completely gone. The weather has changed within the past couple of days. The temperature has dropped at least 20 degrees, and the wind is definitely blowing. Summer's my favorite season so signs of Fall/Winter sort of bring me down. Gone are the days of hot people being half-naked 24/7, and here comes all the layers. Fashionwise, the colder seasons are great because I love layering sweaters, shirts, and outerwear, but now it's going to be rare seeing people walking around in their skimpy swimwear. I'm usually pretty susceptible to the flu too (I can blame my lifestyle for that) around this season. Maybe this year will be different. Oh and I guess I can always try to snag a warm body to cozy up with in front of my fake fireplace...

I watched the movie Quarantine last night, and it was surprisingly good. Think of Blair Witch Project meets 28 Days Later. It wasn't perfect, but horror movies rarely are. You just have to appreciate the entertainment they provide (in the form of an adrenaline rush of course). And most scary movies try to include attractive actors and actresses (maybe to distract us from the unoriginal plots) so at least there's eye candy. Quarantine stars Jennifer Carpenter and Jay Hernandez and is actually a remake of a Spanish movie. I'm glad they're giving Asian horror cinema a break. Even if it's only for a short time.

Quarantine is basically about a news reporter and her cameraman who tag along a couple of firefighters who investigate an emergency at an apartment building. From the previews you can probably tell that some tenants end up feeding on their neighbors. Well what you don't know is that after seeing this movie, you're also probably not going to want to own a dog you don't know the history of. I had a similar scare with my puppy when I was younger, but I'm glad I didn't contract anything. Anyways, I should really head to bed since I'm not going to get a lot of sleep this week. Yep, the holiday season also brings holiday work (in my case a LOT of seasonal hiring at the clothing store)!

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