Monday, September 29, 2008

The Dating Show & The Dating Game

I shouldn't have left you hanging with what happened during my day off earlier in the week. I was totally shocked when I saw Gymnast Guy on TV. Just when I thought he couldn't look hotter...he did. And just when I thought I was getting over how charming he was right there on national television. In fact, he ended up winning the guy over. The "guy" in question had actually been on another reality show before. I immediately looked online to find information on this reality guy. Most sites pointed to the fact that he is still single. Boy was I relieved.

I then proceeded to text Gymnast Guy about the situation in a very nonchalant manner.

Me: "Saw you in a dating show on TV today."
GG: "How funny. And embarrassing!"

He does end up revealing in the dating show that there's nude pictures of him out there. read that right. I already found them of course (but I didn't tell him that). I'm so glad the internet was created. Let's just say if I had any hope of losing my crush on this guy, it's pretty much gone. This guy's great physical features definitely extend below the belt. I'm in love. Or am I?

I'm very aware that I don't have a relationship or even a real friendship with this guy. So of course it's not love. I also ask myself if I'm really attracted to him or just the idea of him. Is it because he's one of the few I've recently been interested in that hasn't just thrown him/herself at me? Do I just crave the challenge? Why do we play these games? I mean I am in a weird situation cause I'm his manager, but so what? I've got a ton of questions with no clear answers.

After that day, I vowed not to call or even answer any of his texts back. He must have read my mind cause he didn't contact me. And I was actually doing a pretty good job of keeping myself occupied. The guy I met Thursday night was a good distraction. But I was going to have to run into GG at work sooner or later. And that happened today. He showed up to work. On his day off.

He said he wanted to change his availability. I told him to talk to another manager. I acted distant and immediately pretended to help customers. But not for long. After he was done, he found me. His warm smile was too hard to resist. We had a conversation that I just wanted to go on forever even though I had stuff to do. I did remind myself that showing this guy too much attention might just make me seem less attractive so I tried to end our chat. But he just kept going. About working out. About the show he just saw that day. About how his parents will be in town next weekend and how he wants to take them to the lounge that's part of the nightclub I work at. WTF? Sure it's one of the top clubs in the country, but if my parents were visiting it wouldn't be one of the first places I'd take them. Is he toying with me? Anyways I finally got Gymnast Guy to leave. Even though I didn't want him to...

A bright idea popped into my head after work, and I thought maybe I can ask him out as a friend to go to a show this week. So I texted him to see if he was free Tuesday night at 10p to go see it. He's just getting out of his other job by that time. Included in the text was a sad face. That pretty much summed up how I felt too. This would officially be Strike Two. (Strike One was the time I asked him out to dinner.) I'm not a sadomasochist so I'm trying one more time, and if it doesn't happen, I'm gonna have to give the chase up. You would think in my line of work I would be used to it by now, but I just don't seem take rejection very well.

And here's another song (I stole from Gossip Girl last season) that is on repeat on my Ipod right now. I love the metaphors in the lyrics.


Anonymous said...

Hey there! I love your blog and hearing about Gymnast Guy- but be careful. He works for you, and you don't know what his game is yet.

Discotheque GQ said...

anonymous: Thank you for the kind words. I think the danger associated with the whole thing might have been subconsciously alluring to me - not quite sure how to get over this obssession quite yet. Maybe I don't have as much control over my emotions/actions as I thought I did...

Martin said...

Hmmm - what a difficult situation... I've been there as well before, and dragged my name through the mud a few times - but in cases where I didn't I found out ages later that they too liked me - but were too shy (or something) to do anything about it. So either way it's a risk. I would rather drag my name through the mud and know than wonder about it.

Discotheque GQ said...

martin: I feel the same way. The only thing I'm afraid of is that if I do make bolder moves and it's not reciprocated, the guy could use it against me. I'd be ok with the embarrassment, but getting terminated for sexual harassment is another.

feetlikewings said...

You know I never understand why people play the "game". If you like the guy why not be honest and be friendly, not like flirty friendly but open and inviting to future conversations?

Its not a criticism, more of a question really. Though from my super limited attempts at having getting relationship being honest really didnt serve me well. LOL. I showed interest and i got ignored and they were the ones who asked me out. boo.