Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Girl & A Guy

My neighbor/clubbing partner-in-crime's birthday dinner was last night. I knew a lot of her friends, including one that's an aspiring model for Abercrombie & Fitch. We'll call her AF Girl. I saved AF Girl a seat by me because we have a very flirtatious friendship, and I really enjoy her company. Throughout dinner, we were having a great time just making inside jokes and talking about how we were the best looking couple there (yeah I know we're both pretty vain...get over it). But then I noticed that there were a couple of newcomers to dinner. There were about four tables combined into a single one, and we were on one end so we weren't always aware of what was going on in the opposite side. A very cute guy had arrived and sat next to the birthday girl. I assumed this was one of the many guys the birthday girl had dated so I didn't even pay him any attention...until I caught him looking at me from across the tables.

I smiled, and so did he. Then it felt awkward so we went back to the conversations we were having. When I glanced over his way again, he was looking right back at me. Well nobody at the table knew I was bi so I couldn't really act on it despite my strong urge to at that very moment. After dinner, AF Girl and I went to a martini bar for a quick pre-drink before we all headed to the club. I knew several of the bartenders there, and one of them made a comment of how I'm always surrounded by pretty women...which was technically a compliment for me, but I think it made AF Girl a little uncomfortable. So we left after one drink.

At the club, the cute guy at dinner was standing right next to me so I had to introduce myself. We were making small talk, and I found out that he met the birthday girl online when he graduated high school and was looking for potential college friends. I found that a little creepy...but who am I to judge? I write about my life and let strangers read it. So I digress. Plus he's still very cute with his perfectly tousled hair and toned body. I also learned he was almost 6 years younger than me which was not ideal, but if I'm just looking for fun, age is nothing but a number (unless it's under 21 or over 40 - I have to draw the line somewhere). We continued to talk, but then I noticed AF Girl start to gyrate her butt in front of my crotch, and I couldn't pass up a chance to dance! We danced for about 2o minutes and then sat down. I looked for cute guy, but he was now talking to this amateur golfer that's with our party. This amateur golfer was cute too but more in a dirty Vince Vaughn sort of way. I wanted to hook up with someone, but AF Girl wanted to go to another club and cute boy was now talking to another guy! When will I learn that I have to move quickly if I want something? I guess I'm still a little afraid of casual sex cause of a few scares in the past, but I need action soon dammit. Am I being delusional if I'm saving myself for Gymnast Guy? Only time will tell.

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A Closeted Gay Boy said...

Hey ... thank you for the inspiring comments! :) I'm so happy to know that I have at least one reader who has been inspired by me. :)

I wish you all the luck with your blog and believe me, if you put your mind to it, you will meet 100 posts in no time... thanks again! :)