Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Bisexual & The Gays

What a long day. Just got home from the club, and I have to be up in less than 4 hours to get ready to be at work again. Why am I blogging? Cause I can't sleep right away. Damn those energy drinks. Plus there were a lot of things I wanted to share about today...

1) Worked out lower body today. I HATE working out legs, but I realize the importance of this muscle group. And I don't really know why I have to work out the lower back, but it's part of my routine for the lower body. Is it suppose to help my spine? Anyone care to shed some light?

2) I got to work with Gymnast Guy today! It was a little anticlimactic though...he's not as stylish as I would hope he'd be (I can fix that), but he was a pleasure to work with. I kept trying to figure out how I can get this guy to ask me to hang out with him outside of work without being too obvious, but I had too many tasks to take care of. Maybe I misread his earlier signs...or maybe he just wants to be professional. Either way I'm playing with fire trying to go on a date with one of my employees (I've done it successfully in the past before - but they were female and I wouldn't really call what we did dating). After work he texted me about "buddying up with him and giving him some cashier training." Wish it was only as dirty as it sounds. What should I do? How can I ask him out without really asking him out?

3) One of my super flamboyant employees asked for the night off so he can audition to be a go-go dancer at a gay club. I told him to break a leg.

4) One of our regular gay customers asked me who the new guy was, and of course he was talking about Gymnast Guy. I told him he's one of our awesome new employees, and all my customer could say is "well he's also gay and I think you should put in a good word for me." Which to me meant to tell Gymnast Guy absolutely nothing. I'm just glad my customer didn't have the balls to strike up a conversation with him. Man, look how protective I'm getting! And we're not even dating! I really need someone to tell me how lame I'm being.

5) Met some Asian girls today. Two hot ones and a fat one. Why is there always a fat one in the group? And they tend to be the mean ones! Anyways the cute ones wanted to visit me at the club tomorrow night, but the look on their friend's face tells me there might be a change of plans. Oh well.

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