Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Promoter & A Controller

Hopefully you understand why I had to take the day off yesterday. Just ended up going to the gym (finally) and hung out with some friends. Today was my first day back at my clothing retail job, and it began with our weekly management meeting. Our General Manager wanted to us to participate in a quick activity which would hopefully improve the recent communication breakdown we've had in our team (due to the fact there's been a lot of fighting, gossiping, and sabotaging going on....let me know if you want the details). We took a quiz that would determine our "behavioral function." There's basically four categories you can fall into: controller, analyzer, supporter, and promoter. And after understanding how each behavioral type functioned, we would all *hopefully* learn how to adapt our communication style in our approach with one another. Here's a quick rundown of each (pictures courtesy of chad-white.com):

The controller is a doer. He leads others and is often the driving force within an organization. He is characterized by an emphasis on action and results. He is like the alpha dog who must lead the pack. Because he places high standards on himself and others, he is likely to be seen as constructively impatient and a tireless worker.

An analyzer is characterized by analysis, details, logic, and systematic inquiry, and may appear a bit stiff. He functions in a steady, tenacious manner, finding great satisfaction in identifying a problem, weighing options carefully, and testing them to determine the best possible solution. The analyzer is of great value as a logical thinker who provides objectivity to a complex problem. He won’t be the life of the party, but he will show up on time!

The supporter is concerned with people. He is often sought out for his ability to empathize and for his patience with others during a time of crisis. An understanding listener, he can identify change in ways that reduce conflict and increase the likelihood of cooperation and teamwork. A weakness among supporters is their tendency to become emotional, which may be viewed as a substitution for taking action. Of the four personality types, the supporter is the most likely to retreat in a time of conflict.

The promoter is the “big picture” person. The promoter is seen as a leader and a visionary capable of seeing new possibilities that others do not. His style is characterized by heavy emphasis on ideas, innovation, concepts, and long-range thinking. He is not inclined to take things for granted. The promoter will challenge you—not because he is hostile – but because he has learned the value of probing to uncover new ideas. This is a person with a strong ego who can come across as “superior” and can be condescending in his communications. He is quick thinking and a quick wit.

Which one sounds like you? After the quiz, it was no surprise to anybody that I was a "promoter." Looking at my results, I also had some "controller" qualities. Great, I'm an egotistical leader. Guess that explains how I approach certain situations. The more I think about it, the more I appreciate that little self-test cause now I feel like I can handle people with different personalities or behavioral types. Well I'm off to bed, and I get to work with Gymnast Guy tomorrow so wish me luck. Sorry to go all lecture mode on you today....just remember - I'm a promoter, and I'm probably just seeing a new possibility you're not!

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