Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hugs & Crushes

Several months ago, my friend and I were hanging out by this gorgeous fountain surrounded by a beautiful garden. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted three beautiful women just kind of standing there. Part of my job at the nightclub I work at is increasing our hot clientele, so I immediately grabbed my friend to talk to these ladies. We said hello, introduced ourselves, and asked if they were just visiting (cause the fountain was somewhat of a tourist spot). I found out they were Miss America contestants, but that one of them was actually thinking of moving here. She was actually the most receptive out of the three so I was very excited. I invited them to have drinks later, but they declined. They had to get a full night's sleep and get up early to look refreshed for a show they were filming - completely understandable. I exchanged numbers with the one moving here (we'll call her Katie) so that we can keep in touch. As I was still reeling from shock that I met three of the most beautiful women in America, my friend and I said goodbye.

I received a text from Katie over the summer saying she broke up with her boyfriend who was supposed to move into town with her. I was sympathetic, but a little happy inside. You might be this guy's a predator hoping to score with a vulnerable chick on the rebound. But that is far from the truth. Yeah, I'm very infatuated with her (she's a fuckin knockout), but this girl is also sweet and genuine. Not something I would expect from a pageant candidate. If I'm not her type, I hope to at least get a good friend out of it. Anyways she told me she was going to be out of the country for Miss America goodwill projects but that she'll move into town after that.

Well yesterday I finally talked to her and found out she had moved here already. Gymnast Guy might make me feel like a schoolgirl, but Katie makes me feel like a schoolboy! We haven't made specific plans yet (cause I'm very busy this week...birthday and going away parties again - go figure), but I told her I'm taking her out on the town as soon as I get the chance. She loves the idea - I can't wait! That just made my whole day yesterday. Well...almost. Something else made my night.

I went to my favorite Wednesday club last night only to find out the female host that usually takes care of me had resigned. She not only helped me out at her club, but she also shopped religiously at the clothing store I worked at. She is this hot, edgy looking girl but is truly sweet as pie. I was determined not to let this ruin my night - I looked at it as a chance to network with her other co-workers. I think I scored like six phone numbers last night (MOSTLY for networking purposes of course)! AND to top it all off, I ran into a former crush of mine.

When I was in college, there was this half white/half Asian guy in a rival fraternity that was built and very attractive. I had a computer class with him where I swear I caught him staring at me while adjusting his bulge a few times. I would almost get instant hard-ons. We would wear our fraternity shirts to class so I thought maybe this guy is just trying to catch me do something gay so he could use it to slander my fraternity (very juvenile but boys will be boys). So I ignored it. Well after we graduated, I ran into him at my store and kind of befriended him. I saw him maybe once a month after that.

Well he was at the club last night, and when he passed by I instinctively grabbed his bicep to say hi. He then gets this huge smile on his face and gives me a hug that I'm going to have to describe. It's not one of those hugs where the guys have space in between them while they give each other a pat on the back. Nope, this hug was so tight our packages were rubbing up against one another. He then whispered "I'm so glad to see you" so close to my face that I could feel his breath on my cheek. I stepped out of the hug and shouted "I'm glad to see you too!" The music was loud, but if one spoke loudly it would still be audible. I didn't understand why he needed to whisper so close to my face. He proceeds to grab my torso and hold me against him again and whisper "I've missed you. What have you been up to?" At this point his mouth is almost touching the area of my cheek close to my lips. I had to step back or else he would have felt my growing erection. Actually I took a few steps back so he's not able to "hug" me again, and we continued our conversation. Meanwhile I had a co-worker from the nightclub (who doesn't know I'm bi) just kind of look puzzled behind me. I tell my co-worker that this guy hasn't seen me in forever (really it's only been a couple of months) and he's drunk so he's just excited to see me. We didn't have each other's numbers so we exchanged them and said our goodbyes. Well his goodbye included another "hug." I wasn't going to complain but this guy is making it harder and harder for me not to just make out with him, undress him, and fuck on the spot. I'm getting another hard-on right now as I write this!

If you're a straight guy, do you hug other guys like that? To the point where your lips are practically touching each other's faces? Where not just your upper bodies but your lower bodies also meet? This guy is ripped more than I am, and our hugs were so tight I could feel his back, chest, ab, and arm muscles through his shirt. I really even shouldn't call it a hug - it was more of an embrace. Well now at least I've got another option if my flirtation with Gymnast Guy doesn't pay off!

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