Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sticky & Sweet

Sorry for my late post this week. The past couple of days have been hectic. I finally grew some balls and asked out Gymnast Guy on Monday. Well...kind of. My co-workers from the nightclub and I had a few complimentary tables and bottles at this popular martini bar Monday night so I took the opportunity to invite him along. That's when I found out he didn't drink alcohol. I was so impressed with this fact that it just made me like him even more. I told him that I would just have to find a dry activity for us to do (well to be honest hopefully anything that I would do with this guy would end up with us getting wet)!

That night actually turned out to be pretty fun. I ran into a former salesperson of mine, and she introduced me to a really nice girl who worked at a strip club. She was a cocktail waitress not a stripper though. This is great because I'm always looking for new clients for the club especially ones that work in a mostly female environment. I also got to hang out with one of my cute new co-workers from the club, and she turned out to be pretty awesome too. She just moved into town a couple of weeks ago. I hope she doesn't get jaded by this city. We were all having such a good time that after the martini bar, we all went to breakfast.

The next morning, the very first text I receive was from Gymnast Guy asking how the previous night went. Man I feel like a schoolgirl everytime I bring up this guy. I wonder if it's just a crush....hopefully not. Anyways, he also told me that he would be getting his wisdom teeth removed this week so he needed help getting his shifts covered. I told him he didn't have to worry about coming to work (we were cutting payroll anyway cause business has been pretty slow) and I also told him that if he needed anything (including me being his male nurse) I would gladly oblige. And yes, part of me thinks I'm being an idiot for throwing myself at him, but I rarely do it, and I know the consequences so it's ok. (I just hope I don't reek of desperation.) He then says that he might take me up on that offer. Good. But then he calls me a really "sweet" guy. I don't know what it is about that word, but "sweet" wasn't an adjective I would normally use to describe myself (or would want people to use to describe me). It's like the word "nice." Is this his way of telling me I'm not his type?

Overreacting aside, I'll just take it for what it is and see what happens. On that note, I'm going to leave you with one of my recent favorite workout songs by Santogold. It was played during a scene in the show Gossip Girl (a guilty pleasure of's a cross between Cruel Intentions and The OC - two other personal favorites so don't laugh unless you've seen it) this week so hopefully it'll gain a wider audience. She reminds me of MIA so if you like that kind of music, you would love Santogold!

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JON said...

Tony, a personal trainer guy friend of mine, uses terms like 'sweet'. He is very hott! Over the top sexy in every possible way.

He does not mean anything by the term. Must be a southern thing with him.