Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sandwiches & Straight Guys

You've probably heard of gay porn actor Kurt Wild getting fired from his daytime job at Subway. If not, basically a customer recognized him and angrily told the manager to fire Kurt or else he will lose him as a customer. The manager sided with the customer and decided to let Kurt go. WTF? Whatever happened to suspending employees until further investigation? How did the manager know to believe the customer....a customer who obviously watches gay porn enough to know how the actor looks like even in a Subway uniform? Was the self-loathing customer just pissed that Kurt ruined his image of what a porn actor should be like in real life? I'm just glad I don't like Subway to begin with so boycotting it wouldn't be a problem.

A question I had amidst all this is...if gay porn pays well, why is Kurt even working at Subway? He doesn't seem like he's given up porn quite yet so we know it's not his only job. I heard he's also "straight" as in married with kids. I'll never understand how "straight" guys can do gay porn. I'm bisexual because I like sex with both men and women...isn't that pretty much what these actors are? They say they actually love women and with men, sex is just a job. I'm not being judgmental...just a little confused. The whole concept of gay-for-pay is definitely interesting though. Is it all part of the whole fantasy for gay men to enjoy porn more? That REAL straight guys are getting fucked in the ass or swallowing a cock? And people wonder why some homosexuals think it's possible to seduce heterosexuals! Maybe we should all just get rid of these ridiculous labels - you love who you love right? (And I'm not talking about pedophilia...that's a whole different topic!)


Steven said...

He must be a really good actor because I would've never guessed he was 'straight' at all.

Discotheque GQ said...

Steven: Well you know what they's just a "job" and there's no emotions involved. I guess it will be his only "job" now.