Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tired & Not Sleepy

An odd combination, but I'm tired and NOT sleepy. I want to say it's been almost a month that I haven't been able to fall asleep as easily as I'd like to without the assistance of alcohol. To top it off, my body wakes itself up in four to five hours. This is not good for my health. In fact, I think I feel a flu coming. People say it must be stress or having the feeling I've got a lot to do and no time to accomplish them. But there are nights where I'm particularly not stressed yet I still have difficulties with slumber. I tried tiring myself through activity (picture whatever you must cause I've probably done it). No luck. Watched a boring show/movie? Check. Counted sheep? Nope, but I've counted hot guys and girls I want to sleep with! The only thing I haven't tried is warm milk, and I don't drink milk. Oh and I refuse to take sleeping pills. I don't need another addiction.

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JON said...

This may seem a bit forward. And you have probably tried this. As you said, you have tried most everything except the hot milk thing.

I just work cock up into an orgasm. Usually once is enough to make me fall asleep. If not I keep at it until I can get the rest I need.

Hope that is not to over the top.
I do not know you well and do not want to offend you or others in any manner.