Saturday, September 13, 2008

Kiss & Tell

My landlord/former roommate/fraternity brother (we'll call him Chase) is back in town for the weekend. He just moved about a week ago, but needed to come back for his haircut and laser hair removal appointments (we had quite a high maintenance household at one point). Last night, he invited a mutual friend of ours over so we can all hang out. She brought up that once upon a time she had a huge crush on me, but we just made out and then I wanted nothing to do with her (the truth was that I sensed she may be a little clingy/crazy which she truly is). I countered with the fact that I was talking to another girl at the time. We'll call her Diane. Chase started sharing about how he met Diane first, and they fooled around before I even met her. Now this is true, and I was fully aware of what happened, but Chase continued to share *in detail* the things they did in the bedroom. I was VERY annoyed at this point.

Here's some backstory. Diane and I hooked up at a fraternity formal I took her to, and that night she told me that nothing had happened between her and Chase except for kissing. I was relieved because I didn't like dating girls that have had sex with close friends of mine. Diane and I "talked" for a little after that, but we just ended up becoming good friends because we were at two very different points in our lives - she was a freshman in college, and I had been out of college for a year. I even ended up getting her a job at the clothing store. Back to last night. I'm very irritated cause:

A) Diane said they never really did anything but kiss
B) Chase has hooked up with girls that I've hooked up with beforehand, BUT I never bring them up
C) Why the fuck would you bring shit up like that in front of another girl?

I don't like sharing my bedroom activities with everyone. Maybe a few close friends but definitely not in a group setting. Even when I was active in the fraternity, the most I would do is give the guys a number of girls I've slept with in each sorority but never their names or any specific details. I always felt that to do so would have been unbecoming of a gentleman. What do you think? Have we become such an open society that we're encouraged to talk about the details of our sex lives even when we're not asking for advice? I know it's different when discussed over a blog cause most of the time it's anonymous, but what happens when it's people you know in real life?

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