Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mexicans & Fresh Meat

Today (or yesterday depending where you are) was Mexican Independence Day. We had tons of Mexican customers at our clothing store over the weekend. The people that are in town from Mexico spend ridiculous amounts of money. I think one customer bought over 40 pieces. I really should know Spanish cause it's part of my heritage, but I just know enough to sell clothes or flirt with someone. While I appreciate the money they spend, they do tend to leave the store looking like a tornado went through it. Is that how they shop in Mexico??

I did my part to celebrate the day by going to this upscale Mexican restaurant/lounge for complimentary dinner and drinks with my co-workers from the nightclub. Can you believe that I didn't have a single alcoholic beverage?? I'm so proud of myself. The cocktail waitress looked at me funny when I said I didn't want any tequila. Part of me wanted a shot so bad, but I've got to be responsible! I have to be up in less than 6 hours, and I didn't need that in my system after such a long day...which brings me to my next topic.

I know it's a little jarring, but let's take a quick rewind to this morning. I woke up to the current president of my fraternity calling for a favor. He was wondering if I could be an alumni speaker at our semi-formal recruitment event tonite. I thought it over for a second, but I had to say no. If you've seen the movie "The Skulls," our semi-formal is like the event that basically called for the prominent alumni of the fraternity to meet with potential new members. I consider myself to be a pretty decent impromptu speaker, but I was annoyed that I was called last minute. I had work and then dinner afterwards anyways so I could only show up to the event for about half an hour at the most....not enough time to stick around and do a speech.

Our event was held at a pretty cool spot -it was like a hidden lounge on the second floor of this huge theater. It was really nice seeing recently initiated brothers, alumni friends, and potential recruits with their dates all dressed up. I was a former recruitment chairman in the fraternity (so I've been in charge of events like these), and I was the last person to successfully bring in a huge number of amazing potential new members (athletes, social directors, musicians, sons of important businessmen) so I have pretty high expectations. I wasn't blown away, but I was pleasantly surprised. There was a pretty good turnout. I was very happy for my active brothers.

Events like these though make me feel a little perverted because I see these younger guys, and I immediately have to remind myself not to look at them as lust objects. I mean these guys could be calling me "brother" by the end of the semester. I'm not saying I haven't had encounters with some of my brothers, but these new guys would almost be 10 years younger than me! I can't be having thoughts like that...well not until they turn 21 at least. So I went around the room and met with the potential recruits that I wanted in the fraternity. I only had half an hour, and I wasn't going to waste it on guys that don't even have what it takes to make a good first impression. It does get a little tedious doing the whole "get-to-know you" introductions again and again with different individuals, but I love meeting people so I've gotten quite efficient and effective at it. I hope the current members favored the same ones I did so they can vote them in, and I can see these new guys in the future. It'll only be a matter of time before someone needs a job or needs a place to party - and I'll be just the brother to ask.


b-ag said...

It's not really a Mexican way of shopping, it's just that we don't have time to pick up after ourselves. There are just a couple of days of shopping a year.

Discotheque GQ said...

b-ag: As long as they spend as much as they do, they can keep shopping like that.